Artificial Intelligence Enrichment Suite

Power and accelerate Artificial Intelligence solutions with quality foundational data and consumer attribute enrichment.

The Problem

Companies face challenges with insufficient and inadequate first-party data. This negatively impacts the accuracy of AI solutions, resulting in ineffective customer engagement efforts, slower overall AI adoption, and missed opportunities for business growth.

The Solution

The Artificial Intelligence Enrichment Suite cleanses and augments existing in-house data with additional foundational consumer attributes, providing over 1,800 data values. This process aids in unleashing the full potential of AI, facilitating faster adoption by generating trustworthy and impactful results.


Vérité Data’s Artificial Intelligence Enrichment Suite provides numerous benefits that support the power of AI in generating insights, delivering value, and driving revenue.


Enable more accurate and informed analytics, strategies, and outcomes

Models & Analytics

Better predictions and outcomes

Competitive Advantage

Personalize customer interactions, capitalize on opportunities, and optimize processes

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